Flood lighting for your sports pitch


The mirror reflector floodlight makes it possible to play at any time at all. It helps to create an impressive spectator experience and evokes genuine stadium atmosphere well into the evening

• Comprises masts, mirror reflectors and spotlights (beam image splitting principle)

• The spotlights concentrate the light through precisely calculated mirror reflectors, aimed accurately at the playing area to provide even and effective light distribution over the pitch, thereby minimizing shadows

• Unwanted light emissions and unnecessary energy expenditure can largely be avoided

• In contrast to direct beams, the light diffusion dramatically reduces dazzling and glare

• SoccerLight can equally be deployed for other playing areas, as there are various different methods of assembly and erection (e.g. concrete base, screwed in flange plate, mobile dolly)

• Depending on pitch size, each SoccerGround requires 2 - 4 floodlight tripod masts

• Mast height is calculated according to pitch size, approx. 6 - 9 m (mounting height), the light beams at an approximate height of 4.5 - 7 m

• Made in Germany